LifeStream Services, East Central Indiana’s Aging and Disability Resource Center and Area Agency on Aging, is proud to roll out the new branding of their caregiver programs. LifeStream’s new STEP In Caregiver Programs are a comprehensive way to educate and support family caregivers, care partners, and people with care needs. Caregiver Memory Kits, resource binders, support groups, and evidence-based programs are just a few of the ways LifeStream is here to help you STEP In to caregiving.

“I’m not a caregiver, but I step in to help with Mom sometimes.”

“I’m not a caregiver, but I step in to manage my husband’s medications and appointments.”

“I’m not a caregiver, but I step in to drive my neighbor to the doctor.”

If you step in to provide help or assistance to a friend, family member, or loved one – you’re a caregiver. LifeStream Services can help with support, transitions, education, and planning for those who STEP In to caregiving.

“More individuals than ever are choosing to age in place and at home, which for many would not be possible without the support of caregivers.” shared Mandy Williams, Vice President of Programs. “These caregivers do so much on behalf of their loved ones, and LifeStream recognizes that they, too, need education and support. The STEP In program will be a much needed resource for these important people.”

Those interested in learning more about STEP In Caregiver Programs and seeking resources can visit their website or contact Hollyn Neal, Caregiver Programs Coordinator, at or (765) 425-8472.


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