Virtual opportunities have increased in popularity as we navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As cases rise and the winter weather settles in, you may find yourself at home more often. LifeStream is proud offer a variety of virtual opportunities that can be done in the comfort and safety of your home. Learn more about each of our opportunities below.

Virtual Tours

Explore the world from your home! In collaboration with university and high school student volunteers, LifeStream offers virtual tours of nature preserves, college campuses, museums, and more. Head over to our YouTube channel to start traveling today! Videos are added periodically.


Geri-Fit is a 45 minute video-led strength training exercise class for older adults. Most of the body building exercises are performed seated in chairs with a set of light dumbbell weights. As you become stronger, you can advance to heavier dumbbells in order to challenge yourself even more. Click here to learn how to create your virtual account and start exercising.

Dementia Friends Information Session

LifeStream hosts a virtual Dementia Friends Information Session on the second Tuesday of every month at 1:00pm. The session will equip attendees with the knowledge to help make their communities a safer and more welcoming place for those living with dementia and their caregivers. To attend the virtual session please visit ID: 840 4568 1832, Passcode: 717309) on your desktop or mobile device on the designated meeting time/date.

LifeStream Live with Angie

LifeStream goes LIVE every Thursday at 2pm on our Facebook page. This weekly series seeks to educate the community on LifeStream programs and events, as well as relevant information including wellness tips, activities in the community, and more. Visit our Facebook page here.

Friendly Caller Program

The Friendly Caller program matches a volunteer with an older adult to simply enjoy conversation on the phone to ease feelings of loneliness. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and enjoy talking on the phone. If you’re interested in volunteering please contact Laura Bray at 765-759-3372 or If you are an older adult who is experiencing isolation and would enjoy receiving calls from a LifeStream Friendly Caller, please call 800-589-1121.

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