July is the Month of Independence! LifeStream’s mission is to provide the right information, resources, and support for improving quality of life and maintaining independence for older adults, those with disabilities, and caregivers. This month, we’d like to remind you that your choice and independence matters, and LifeStream is here to support you through a number of services and programs.

Information & Assistance

LifeStream’s Information & Assistance department is the first line of communication with the caller and our agency. Callers who are interested in learning what services or programs they may qualify for will be assessed by an I&A Options Counselor to determine if a home visit is needed. To expedite the process, you may fill out the contact form (for individuals) or referral form (for health professionals referring a client). Learn more about I&A services here.

In-home Care Management and Options Counseling

LifeStream’s in-home care managers and options counselors help clients connect with the care they need and deserve! Our staff works diligently to assess client need and assist wherever they can—this includes but is not limited to

  • Identifying funding sources for services;
  • Providing our clients’ choices of in-home service providers in their area;
  • Authorizing delivery of service;
  • Following up with clients to make sure they are satisfied and getting the level of care they need;
  • Assisting with transition from nursing facilities back into a residential setting;
  • Assisting with exploring options for care.

Learn more about In-home Care Management and Options Counseling here.


LifeStream provides a variety of nutrition programs including senior community cafes, home delivered meals, and senior Electronic Farmers’ Market Nutrition Vouchers (eFMNP). Learn more about Nutrition services here.


LifeStream is dedicated to promoting healthy and active living in the communities we serve. We provide a variety of health and wellness programs and classes to help promote active living among older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers. Learn more about Wellness programs here.


LifeStream Services provides transportation or the contact information for those that do in all 12 of our service counties. Whether it’s a ride to the grocery store, a trip to the doctor, or a ride to the park, LifeStream can get you where you need to be in East Central Indiana. Learn more about Transportation services here.

Caregiver Support

If you step in to provide help or assistance to a friend, family member, or loved one—you’re a caregiver. LifeStream Services can help with support, transitions, education, and planning as you STEP In to caregiving. LifeStream’s STEP In Caregiver Programs are a comprehensive way to educate and support family caregivers, care partners, and people with care needs. Learn more about LifeStream’s STEP In Caregiver Programs here.

Maintaining independence enhances quality of life by positively contributing to physical, emotional, and social well-being. Each of these programs and services are part of LifeStream’s effort and commitment to serving older adults, those with disabilities, and caregivers in maintaining independent living, this month and every month.

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