Interested in volunteering your time? As we close out National Volunteer Month, LifeStream would like to recognize and appreciate the positive impact that volunteers have on our communities. But the communities aren’t the only ones who benefit from volunteer services—there are a number of benefits that volunteering has on your health and well-being as the volunteer, too! Here are some health benefits of volunteering from Gina Harvey, wellness educator:

Improved Mental Health: Volunteering can improve your mood and increase brain activity. It just feels good!

Improved Socialization: Living alone can lead to loneliness. Volunteering creates connections, which leads to an increase in positive interactions.

Living with a Purpose: Volunteering provides an opportunity to make an impact, pursue a passion, and stay motivated while helping others.

Increased Activity Levels: Volunteering will require you to get up and move about, increasing your activity levels. This can lead to more restful sleep, improved mood, and better stamina.

New Skills: You’re never too old to learn something new! Volunteering can present the opportunity to try new things.

LifeStream has many available opportunities for YOU to volunteer! Visit our Volunteer Services page and start receiving the health benefits (alongside many others) that volunteering offers. Watch the full “Live Well with Gina” here.

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