LifeStream Services is partnering with local organizations to offer a new exercise program for older adults. Geri-Fit® is a 45-minute video-led strength training exercise class. Enrollment is open to older adults of all ages and fitness levels.

Maintaining a healthy exercise routine has a variety of benefits for older adults. The Geri-Fit® program can increase muscular strength, improve balance and coordination, boost motor skills and reaction time, enhance flexibility and gait, lessen arthritic conditions, and help manage chronic disease.

LifeStream Services has partnered with Centerville-Abington Senior Center, Farmland Community Center, Forest Park Senior Center, New Castle Senior Center, Richmond Senior Community Center, and Western-Wayne Senior Center to offer Geri-Fit®. The program is also available virtually where participants can download the exercise videos to perform from the comfort of their homes.

Those interested in learning more about Geri-Fit® or participating virtually should visit LifeStream Wellness or call LifeStream at 800-589-1121.

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