Dear Friends of LifeStream:

2020 marked the 45th anniversary of LifeStream Services providing programs and services for older adults and people with disabilities in East Central Indiana. Over the course of 45 years, LifeStream has grown and evolved in many ways. We’ve had several different names, changed and opened new offices, expanded the counties we serve, and enhanced the services we provide.

With the help and expertise of Whitinger Strategic Services and our Board of Directors, I am pleased to share LifeStream will continue to grow and adapt with the adoption of a new logo and tagline and updates to our mission, vision, and values that reflect our dedication to service and support for older adults, people with disabilities, and their loved ones.

  • Mission: Provide the right information, resources and support for improving quality of life and maintaining independence for older adults and those with disabilities.
  • Vision: In the region we serve, individuals are living lives of quality, choice and independence.
  • Values:
    • Respect: Above all else, we treat any individual – regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability – as they wish to be treated; with a focus on representing the community we serve and seeking out diversity in all forms.
    • Compassion: We provide person centered services that enable us to create genuine connections with those we serve.
    • Collaboration: We bring people, organizations and resources together to close gaps and meet needs.
    • Excellence: We consistently deliver high impact services to maximize our impact on the community, staff, payers, and the bottom line through innovation, compliance, performance and quality.

It has been more than 20 years since we’ve updated LifeStream’s logo and other visual elements of the brand. I’ve been a part of LifeStream for over 20 years, so I’ve seen firsthand the changes we’ve gone through and changes to the aging industry in general. Updating our brand and visual identity enhances our place in the community and reaffirms LifeStream as the area’s aging expert.

The new logo and tagline was developed through a collaborative process with Whitinger Strategic Services. The outcome is a refreshing new look that celebrates the joy of life and meeting people at every part of their journey. Whether an individual is a vibrant 65-year-old who is looking to become more active in their community or an 80-year-old who is no longer able to drive and needs help with transportation, LifeStream Services is dedicated to providing the right information, resources and support for improving quality of life for older adults and people with disabilities.

“Having the opportunity to work with an organization like LifeStream Services on such an important project is a true honor, and our team understood the lasting impact our work would have,” stated Whitinger Strategic Services Managing Director, Richard Crist. “The project began with a comprehensive review of all branding and communication tools used by LifeStream. The information from this review and LifeStream’s strategic plan provided direction for the creative design phase and subsequent implementation throughout all of LifeStream’s brand materials.”

Creative development was led by WSS Creative Director, Lucas Tetrault.

“In our meeting with the team from LifeStream, it was clear that this rebrand was going to be special. We could tell right away that this new look had to have energy, a new “life” about it that spoke not only to the people that LifeStream served but those who are friends and family of those same loved ones,” state Tetrault. “We wanted the logo to be approachable, relatable and familiar while still looking fresh and unique. The result is a combination of a wordmark and an actual mark in order to achieve a variety of ideas. The main idea we wanted to bring across is the JOY of LIFE. The flowing text and the almost whimsical nature of the drawn serifs add the energy we were after. The checkmark promotes several ideas that we felt captured what LifeStream is about.”

We are looking forward to unveiling this refreshed new look over the next few months as we continue our important work of helping older adults and people with disabilities in East Central Indiana.


Jenny Hamilton
President and CEO
LifeStream Services

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