LifeStream to Offer Healthy Eating Every Day Classes

LifeStream Services is scheduling classes for Healthy Eating Every Day (HEED), a unique behavior change nutrition program focusing on the underlying causes of unhealthy eating. LifeStream Services works to improve the quality of life for people at risk of losing their independence. HEED will equip participants with the knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle and improve their overall health.

Healthy Eating Every Day participants will set personal goals, and learn how to apply HEED’s behavior to the particular aspects of their diet and lifestyle that they need to change to achieve their personal goals. Topics covered include portion control, how to limit calorie dense food, and how to accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily.

The cost of the HEED program is $30 for 14 weeks of classes and includes one-on-one health coaching opportunities, day and evening support groups, and the opportunity to retake the class as often as participants wish.

Dates, times, and locations are still being set. Those interested in receiving more information on future HEED classes as they are scheduled should contact Lori Joseph, RN, LifeStream’s Wellness Educator, by calling 765-966-1795 or email